Blacklea Vineyard

Master Cooking Classes

Master-Clases-Promo---generic-to-all-Classes3 Classes are held each year with Nathan, our son and Executive Chef.

    • Limited to 14, the Classes start at 1pm and finish around 5.30pm. There are usually 8 or 9 courses on the menu matched with Blacklea wines. Nathan takes pride in the fact that in six years he has never repeated a dish;
    • No cooking experience is needed – You can chose to be ‘hands on’ or you may prefer to simply watch the Master at work and feast on the rewards!  Let me know and I will pass on your preference;
    • Everything is provided: aprons, name tags, book of recipes, pens, water, etc;
    • Your first Class costs $150 and then $130 for all subsequent classes.  A 30% deposit is required at the time of booking which is refundable should you cancel (for any reason) up to 6 weeks before the Class.  After that time (i.e. within 6 weeks of the Class), deposits will not be refunded;
    • Gift Certificates are available should you wish to give a special person a special gift.

Current vacancies (as of 14th May 2018)


VIETNAMESE MASTER CLASSES – June 2018: Our first Vietnamese Master Class featuring flavours from one of the fastest growing cuisines.

FRIDAY 22nd:                8 VACANCIES
SATURDAY 23rd:          4 VACANCIES
SUNDAY 24th:                CLASS FULL



FRIDAY 19th:                13 VACANCIES
SUNDAY 21st:               2 VACANCIES


FRIDAY 22nd:                9 VACANCIES
SATURDAY 23rd:         4 VACANCIES
SUNDAY 24th:               5 VACANCIES


Please contact Bernard using our contact form if you would like any further information