Blacklea Vineyard


Blackberry Vincotto


Size: 250ML

The juice from our shiraz grapes has a distinctive blackberry flavour that re-appears in our Premium Shiraz wines year after year. Recognising that alluring flavour, Gai created a (non-alcoholic) blackberry vincotto.  The blackberry flavour (with a hint of cinnamon) is sweet and awesome and makes a finishing sauce that will give a special character to most meat dishes (and many desserts).

Pan fry your choice of meat (e.g. pork chops, duck breasts) and cook to your liking. Remove from the pan and add 60-80ml of the vincotto to the hot pan and deglaze for 60 seconds. Lift the pan and drizzle the sauce over the meat and decorate the plate.

Alternatively, serve as a sauce over blackberry pannacotta or cheesecake (with or without ice cream).

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