Blacklea Vineyard


Lime & Green Chilli Dipping Sauce


Size: 200ML: $26

This has the WOW factor! Made from fresh limes, green chillies & ginger, this L&GC DIPPING SAUCE is super fresh, lively and incredibly versatile.

You can match it with anything that comes out of the ocean. However, here is a quick and easy idea for Prawns and Avocado:

  • Pan fry several large green prawns after peeling and de-veining. Set aside to cool.
  • Cut an avocado in half and scoop the flesh onto a board and dice.
  • Dice the now-cooled prawns the same size as the avocado. Fold together in a bowl (or avocado skin) and drizzle 5-10ml of Lime & Green Chilli Sauce over.
  • Add a little diced mango if available.

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200ml, 375ml