Blacklea Vineyard


Planted in 1996, our 15,000 vines include Shiraz, Cabernet, Semillon and Riesling. All of our vines are drip irrigated and grown on open trellising, exposing the fruit to breezes and sunlight, both important to build the intensity of flavour in the fruit. The vineyard is also blessed with warm sunny days during the ripening season and cool nights which build acid and assist the wines to age gracefully.

The 2017/18 growing season has been unusually good for us. Despite the uncharacteristically very hot conditions, we seemed to get rain (not a lot) when we needed it. Our rather large dam (Lake Shiraz) also saved us from what could have been a very disappointing year. Because of the conditions, grape prices were at a premium this year.

We were chuffed just before harvesting our Cabernet grapes. Gai weighed one of the bunches and though you’ll find it difficult to image, it weighed 2.4kilos! That says something about a pretty extraordinary year.